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Teaching is full of challenges

Teaching is full of challenges. Teaching Physical Education (PE) is full of challenges that only other Physical Education teachers understand. One of the biggest challenges that PE teachers face is an issue of respect. Lack of respect may come from students, parents, the general public, or even other teachers. Those in the community who believe… Read More »

I Reviewed Stress Reducing Apps… Here are the Results

The following was written by Matt, a 7th Grade Student at Merton Intermediate School. In our world, there are more distractions for teens today than ever. There are over 224.3 million cell phone users in the United states alone. The amount of homework for the average teen is about half an hour of work. Experts agree… Read More »

Somehow We Manage!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin That important lesson is as relevant today as when Franklin first used the quote over 300 years ago. For physical educators, it shines through in our teaching each day as we lead our students, schools, and communities on a journey toward healthy… Read More »