President’s Message

Patty Kestell

Welcome Wisconsin Physical Education and Health Professionals!

It is a tremendous honor and privilege for me to serve as the 2016-2018 WHPE President. Wisconsin has been fortunate to have so many great leaders and educators leading the way in our profession, modeling innovative teaching practices and striving to make health and physical education a vital part of our students’ well-rounded education. I hope to do my part in helping WHPE continue to evolve and grow as our professional association. Consider the challenge accepted…I am excited to work together with you to build strong connections across our profession!

On a state level, WHPE has three strategic goals we are focused on maintaining and improving:

  • cropped-logo_whpe.pngProviding quality professional development opportunities for our members
  • Engaging and involving our WHPE members
  • Providing HPE advocacy tools/resources to promote quality HPE programs

The BUILDING STRONG CONNECTIONS theme was chosen to help us keep these WHPE strategic goals in mind over the next two years, as well as to help create a ripple effect into each of our school districts. In the next two years, I will challenge you to reflect and consider how you are EDUCATING your students, your students’ families, your district administrators and other important stakeholders about the importance of health and physical education in living a healthy lifestyle and the impact they have on academic performance and physical growth. What professional development opportunities do you need to stay updated on best practices in PE? What professional development topics would you like WHPE to offer at the WHPE Convention or through podcasts or webinars? (Click the link to share your thoughts on a Google Form.)

How are you currently ENGAGING students, families, administrators and stakeholders in your programs, and what could you do to increase engagement in your district? What messages are you sharing and what activities are you doing to help involve these stakeholders in your HPE programs? Do you have a blog or website you share with your school community? Have you ever hosted a Family Fitness or Wellness Night, or involved your school community in a fun run or snow shoe event? Have you invited an administrator, school board member, and/or a legislator into your classroom to highlight the importance of administering a quality health and physical education program? Have you integrated programs such as Core 4+, Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart, Fuel Up to Play 60, or Let’s Move Active Schools into your HPE programs, and encouraged parent or student volunteers to help out with your events or programs?

Lastly, what we do each day to ADVOCATE for our programs has a significant impact on the type of programs we are able to offer in each of our districts. It is important that we be proactive in sharing the positive impact our HPE programs have on the lives of our students and the health and wellness within our communities. What are you currently doing to advocate on behalf of your program, and how can you increase your own advocacy efforts? If you are a Title 1 school, what do you know about the new ESSA legislation, and how can you tap into some of the resources available to help strengthen your HPE programs? What steps should you take to make sure Health and Physical Education are represented in your school district’s ESSA action plans? What advocacy tools do you need to support your HPE programs in your district?

I look forward to BUILDING STRONG CONNECTIONS with all of you to help move Wisconsin health and physical education forward in the years to come, and to provide our students the best HPE programs we can!

In Health and Wellness,
Patty Kestell
WHPE Membership Office (1-800-441-4586)